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When you have been the victim of an accident, it can be difficult to figure out who to trust for help. That can complicate things when you are trying to choose an Alpharetta Personal Injury Attorney. If you want someone that you can trust with your case and get experienced representation as well, you need to call Don Singleton. He has been an Alpharetta Personal Injury Lawyer for close to twenty years and has built a good reputation in the legal community. In a survey by Martindale-Hubbell, Don Singleton’s ethical standards and legal prowess was rated as Very High to Preeminent and at one time he was a sitting judge in Kennesaw, Ga. He and his firm have the experience to represent you in a wide variety of personal injury cases. The more prevalent types of cases would be:

• Auto and Trucking Accidents – This is one of the biggest categories of the personal injury cases, Don and his team of Alpharetta Truck Wreck Lawyers have a lot of experience in this area. They can protect your rights against insurance companies, uninsured drivers and many other participants of an auto accident. One Unforeseen accident can be life changing so it is good to have someone to help you fight for your rights.

• Dog Bites – Their firm has a growing reputation as The Atlanta and Alpharetta Dog Bit Lawyer. Many Atlanta and Alpharetta personal Injury Lawyers could not be bothered with this type of case. Don Singleton knows that a dog bite can be just as traumatic as a car accident and have long reaching effects from the injuries. He wants to help his clients get reimbursed for their pain and suffering. Many dog attacks will require several plastic surgeries which unfortunately almost demands assistance with the insurance companies.

• Workers Comp – A lot of people have been taking advantage of the workers comp system, so both the government and the companies, have been doing all they can to make it more difficult to qualify. That is great for the people faking it but it leaves the truly injured out in the cold. Sometimes you need an Alpharetta Personal Injury lawyer to help you prove your case and get you the time and money needed to make a full recovery.

• Injuries – There are many different scenarios in which you would need an attorney and the different injuries can overlap quite a bit. You may receive a brain injury when you are in a slip and fall situation. Their firm can help you with getting compensation for nursing home abuse, brain injuries, negligent security, burns, slip and fall and wrongful death

Do not be afraid to get help if you are in a tight financial situation. Their firm will work on a contingency basis to better serve their clients. That means that if they do not win your case, they will not be paid. Of course, that doesn’t include some charges like filing fees and court fees, which fall outside of attorney fees. Contact Don Singleton today, the call is free.

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Alpharetta Personal Injury Attorney

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This article was published on 2010/09/30