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We all have encountered the word many times while reading books, novels, newspaper, watching TV, or surfing the net, but have you ever thought what it actually means? Let us first see what personal injury means: any physical or mental harm caused to a person on purpose or due to medical negligence classifies as a personal injury. It may result from an accident or from malpractice while a person is undergoing treatment in a hospital.

When the definition of the phrase is so broad, it is imperative to understand the legalities involved and also what you should do if you are injured. You should consult a personal injury attorney. These are attorneys who do not claim a fee unless they win compensation for the victim. It is a good deal for the victim, as he has little to lose if he decides to file a lawsuit against the person who is responsible for the injury he received.

Since most injury lawyers use a contingency fee as payment, you can count on them being honest with you from the start by letting you know whether there is a chance of winning your case or if you are wasting your time and his. They won't get paid if you don't get paid. That is a gamble that most professionals will not make. This is a pleasant turn of events because often professionals will demand money up front that will not be refunded if you lose. The personal attorney has a lot to lose if he cannot win the case for you. A settlement will depend on many factors, including his expertise in proving and negotiating your claim.
In some cases of injury, more than one person or a company may be involved and then the judge has to decide who pays what percent of your compensation each pays. If you have suffered at the hand of any other person, it is not a bad idea to get the help of an attorney.
You have the right to a personal injury lawyer who will stand by you to protect you and your rights. He is aware of all your rights and will make sure you are granted the compensation you deserve.
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Injury Law Portland

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This article was published on 2010/10/14