Know More About Personal Injury Accident Claim Compensation Procedures

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It is first of all important to know what constitutes personal injury and under what conditions you would be eligible to file your personal injury accident claim. That would make things clear and put you in a better position to seek redress for any harm you think you have been put to. It will also save you a lot of time that would be spent checking up at the last moment with your legal counsel.

Personal injuries need not be only something that is always physical and visibly evident. There are injuries that affect the psychology of a person due to some trauma and that too falls under the definition of personal injury though there are no apparent visible scars or signs.

Some of the most common causes are as under and have been used as grounds for claiming compensation.

a) The injury at work or any ailment caused due to working conditions such as asbestos related illnesses have been well documented and how people have been able to get their due compensation from their erstwhile employers.

b) Stress due to work is yet another condition that can be put in this category. This would fall under the psychological illness class as mentioned above. Harassment at work is a ground under which claims have been made.

c) Physical injuries sustained due to an accident at the work place or through traffic accidents.

d) Injury sustained due to faulty goods or services rendered by a service provider.

e) Any injury that is a result of faulty medication or treatment lapses at the hospital. This will also cover vaccination related injuries or hardships.

Now if you are faced with one of the above situations or want to act on behalf of somebody who is facing any of the above, then you need to consider the following options:

1) Do you wish to proceed against any individual or company you think is responsible for that condition?

2)Do you wish to go ahead and make a personal injury accident claim such that you are able to get compensation for the losses you have suffered due to the injury sustained?

3) Is the nature of the injury such that it is preventing you from carrying out your daily activities including attending to work?

4) Do you feel that you need the assistance of any specific organisation for counseling or help to enable you to deal with the situation?

Having decided what to do, there are some actions you need to take immediately and they are as under:

a) Keep the police posted if the injury is due to a road accident. You would also need to report it to the insurance service provider and do not forget to retain the copy of your police complaint.

b) Make sure you get appropriate medical attention even if you feel the injury is of a minor nature.

c) Gather and maintain evidence of the event through photographs and a written account so that you do not forget names or addresses.

The above should help you lodge your personal injury accident claim and get the compensation you deserve.
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Know More About Personal Injury Accident Claim Compensation Procedures

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This article was published on 2010/12/27