Los Angeles personal injury lawyer : Putting A Value On Personal Injury Settlements

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After an accident, insurance companies routinely assign a dollar amount to exactly the things that are not easily quantifiable: your health, freedom and life. These companies use statistical tables to try to assign value to something which to the individual can be invaluable. And according to an experienced personal injury attorney Los Angeles residents often need professional counsel to fight for their right to receive fair comp ensation for their injuries and ordeal suffered. What the worth of a person’s ability to think? How about the use of one’s arms and legs? What is having to live with lifelong pain and living assistance worth?

In the news, when million-dollar settlements or judgments are dispensed, at first it may sound like a substantial amount of money for a victim to receive. When your life stops after an accident, however, Los Angeles personal injury lawyers explain that you begin to understand how difficult the aftermath of a severe injury can be. A large sum of money cannot erase the physical and emotional pain a person experiences. While a settlement can ease the financial strain, it can’t console a family who is dealing with a loved one’s severe brain or spinal cord injury. For many accident victims, recovery is a lifelong process. Years of therapy and a lifetime of challenges may result. Compared to the day-to-day difficulties a victim and their family face, even seemingly considerable settlements may not significantly alleviate the suffering.

In the case of a Mississippi man who was killed in a freak gate accident, settlements were made to help his surviving loved ones cope with the loss. A beloved teacher and father of 3, 67-year-old Jim Ignacio was trapped by a gate that swung loose and drove a metal pole through the windshield of his car which he was driving. Both his legs were impaled through and through, and a potion of his spine injured by the pole. Ignacio died one month after being airlifted to a hospital and undergoing several unsuccessful surgeries. In many cases, life and quality of life become severely affected by spinal cord injury lawyer Los Angeles report that following his death, Ignacio’s family filed a wrongful death suit and received $4.4 million dollars plus interest for their loss.

After an accident, you want a knowledgeable and experienced Los Angeles personal injury lawyer who can and will fight for justice and get you a dollar amount you deserve. With medical bills, lost income, and other expenses, you can’t afford to accept an insurance company’s lowball offer. Money can’t erase the pain of an accident, but it can help you get the best medical care available and help families cope with financial challenges after the loss or severe injury of a loved one. If you would like additional information about personal injury, your rights and the claims process, please visit www.bobcohenlaw.com to learn more.

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Los Angeles personal injury lawyer : Putting A Value On Personal Injury Settlements

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This article was published on 2010/10/05